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Tourism Plus Foundation

New Delhi, India

Tel: +91-9811199309


Welcome to

Tourism Plus Foundation

TOURISM PLUS FOUNDATION is an initiative to follow the principle of sustainability where current needs of development are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. To be sustainable, tourism needs to make a positive contribution to the natural and cultural environment, generate benefits for the host communities, not put at risk the future livelihood of local people, and strive to anticipate and prevent economic, environmental, social and cultural degradation.

Who We Are

 Tourism Plus Foundation is a not-for-profit trust, managed by a Team of Professional in Tourism & Hospitality, engaged in sustainability in Tourism leading to healthier environment; protection of natural and cultural resources; greater economic opportunities and most importantly changing the image and perception to respect TOURISTS, DESTINATIONS and  ENVIRONMENT.





::: FOOD FIRST :::







Our Latest News

July 1, 2019

Food First continues to support the needy by providing freshly prepared food. Every food distribution is also an opportunity to interact with kids for knowledge, hygiene and behaviour...

The way one gets meaning into your life is to devote oneself to loving others, devo...

June 21, 2019

June 21, 2019 marks the fifth International Yoga Day and celebrations were on full swing all across

Tourism Plus Foundation Participated in yoga session in Sports Complex, Dwarka, where hundreds of people Gathered for the event

Later in the morning, our Foundation organi...

June 2, 2019

Charity — a word that expresses kindness. It is not easily provoked, it thinks no evil, it believes in all things and hope all things.

One of the beliefs we follow is to provide nutritious food to the underprivileged kids. Like every Tuesday, FOOD FIRST — an initiative...

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