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"Extend a hand to make the world a better place" 


This is not a phrase but a reminder to all, including us, to do whatever good one can do. This led us to work towards Environment Protection, Enriched Livelihood and social upliftment. Hence, we started projects for Sustainability; Enriching livelihood of artists and artisans; FOOD FIRST - Fighting Hunger; Women Empowerment.....

The page provides information on our efforts in these areas.

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Health Talk: World Heart Day

Creating awareness about prevention of Heart disease n strokes was the motive behind World Heart Day celebrations and Tourism Plus Foundation took the initiative to organise a health talk show on 28 Sep. 2019, in association with Manipal Hospital. The session was conducted by a renowned cardiologist, Dr. Sarita Gulati who explained in detail about prevalence of heart disease, causes and prevention while stressing the need for balanced nutritious diet, active n disciplined lifestyle and regular exercise .... Dr Gulati answered all queries of the participants to their satisfaction. Later, CPR was demonstrated and training given to participants to follow the procedure carefully. The house was f

Plantation : World Tourism Day 27 Sep 19

From the date of incorporation of Tourism Plus Foundation, we have committed ourselves to promote sustainable practices and protect environment through various programs and activities. Like every year, our Foundation celebrated World Tourism Day on 27 Sep. 2019 by doing plantation in Delhi as a commitment to protect environment. Thanks to our volunteers, contributors and govt agencies for making the program successful.

Food First - Fighting Hunger: 03, 10, 17 & 24 Sep 19

“You have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you” Food First (a project of TOURISM PLUS FOUNDATION -a registered Public Trust) is one such service to the needy so that they don’t sleep without proper meal. Yesterday, Hospitality Fraternity joined us to volunteer in distribution of food to approx 150 underprivileged kids n ladies. Thanks to all our volunteers n contributors to make it possible and we do hope to receive even greater support

Health Talk : World Alzheimer Day 21 Sep 19

On World Alzheimer Day (21 Sep 2019) Tourism Plus Foundation organised Health Talk Show at Manipal Hospital. The session was conducted by Dr (Lt. Gen) C S Narayanan, Head of Dept of Neurology. Dr Narayanan explained about Alzheimer, it’s symptoms, treatment and managing patients with the decease and answered every query of the participants. The program was well attended by almost 85 persons including volunteers, friends n well wishers as the hall was packed till last seat. The session ended with vote of thanks to Dr. Narayanan. All participants were served lunch

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