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Health Talk Show - Gastronomy & Nutrition

Taking forward the motto of CARE FOR ALL, Tourism Plus Foundation, in collaboration with Venkateshwar Hospital, Dwarka, conducted yet another Health Talk Show on 24th June 2017 touching very important subject of Gastronomy (focusing on fatty lever & disorders) and Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle. which attracted large gathering and the house was full to the last seat.

The Gastronomy session, conducted by Dr. Rohit Goyal, was more on prevention highlighting on regular checks as symptoms do not show up until damage is done. Likewise, Ms. Sandhya, the dietician, spoke at length about nutrition values of healthy food vs. fastfood and how one can draw benefits with systematic rotation of various food intakes. Both the sessions were interactive and Dr. Goyal and Ms Sandhya answered all queries enthusiastically to the satisfaction of attendees.

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