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Eye Care, You owe it to yourself : Ashalayam - Centre for YOUTH AT RISK:

The sunrise on 10th August 2017, was the beginning of another opportunity for TOURISM PLUS FOUNDATION to extend a helping hand to the children & caretakers of ASHALAYAM by organising EYE CARE CAMP at Ashalayam's premises. The camp was conducted by by the team of Doctors and technicians of CENTRE FOR SIGHT who worked tirelessly till the time all children and caretakers were checked.

The children were provided with medicines & eye drops with the help and contribution from DAFFPL, a joint Venture company of IOCL, BPCL & DIAL. the camp was also visited by the CEO, CFO & the Company Secretary of DAFFPL and appreciated the efforts to support the underprivileged. While some of children were advised to use spectacles to control further deterioration of the sight, it was also arranged for to get the specs made as per medical advise to be delivered by 16th August 2017.

Tourism Plus Foundation thanked CENTRE FOR SIGHT & DAFFPL for conducting & supporting the camp; Ashalyam Caretakers for giving the opportunity to be of service to the children. A special thanks to Vivanta by Taj, Dwarka and its team for arranging refreshments and meals for organising team of the camp. Few glimpses of Eye Care Camp.....

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