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Senior Experts Club

Welcome to SENIOR EXPERTS CLUB ......

Be a proud member of Senior Experts Club to volunteer and impart professional training and share knowledge to the needy wherever required.

Senior Experts/professionals in Environment; Travel & Tourism Management; Hotel/Hospitality Management; Business Analysis; Education and Travel Media are invited to volunteer and impart extensive professional skills and knowledge.


In order to get enrolled, it is expected that you have:

  • Long-time Professional Experience

  • Good Health

  • Willingness to Travel

  • Willingness to follow-up on assignments

Please write to us to know more about different ways to contribute and share your knowledge and expertise. In addition, your monetary contribution is also solicited to support our activities and projects. Please click on the link on the right to donate.

Knowledge Centre

How to avail services of Senior Experts

New Start Ups; Institutions; Small & Medium Enterprises etc. who otherwise are unable to access or afford professional and experts advises may approach us and our Senior Experts would be too willing to impart expert skills and knowledge.

The guidance and training from our Senior Experts will result in improvement in various branches, e.g., Efficient work-flow; Improvement in Product/Servcie Quality; Competitiveness in Marketing; Enhanced skills of Staff; Employment Opportunities etc.


  • The client is to cover Expert's expenses towards to & fro Air/Rail Travel; Board, Lodging and local transport.

  • Depending on the requirement, assignments are normally of 1 to 4 weeks. In case of longer schedules, two or more Experts could be assigned on rotation.

  • Tourism Plus Foundation does not guarantee 100% concrete results post assignments nor takes any responsibility towards shortfalls or incomplete work/training/workshops due to any reason whatsoever.

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