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Food First - Fighting Hunger 7, 14, 21 & 28 May 2019

Charity — a word that expresses kindness. It is not easily provoked, it thinks no evil, it believes in all things and hope all things.

One of the beliefs we follow is to provide nutritious food to the underprivileged kids. Like every Tuesday, FOOD FIRST — an initiative of TOURISM PLUS FOUNDATION distributed food while interacting with kids n ladies. Every week, kids are encouraged to study n learn and are rewarded suitably for doing their homework. Kids and young mothers were provided with cloths n dress material as well

We Welcome our new volunteers, Aishwarya & Pooja, to have joined in our initiative to serve the underprivileged and for their enthusiasm for social service. They also brought n gave stationary, books etc. to the kids.

Thanks to our volunteers — Neetu, Shruti and Anjali who have tirelessly been accompanying for the distribution.

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