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Health Talk - World Hepatitis Day

On World Hepatitis Day (27 July 2019), Tourism Plus Foundation organised a Health Talk Show at Manipal Hospital, covering all aspects of Hepatitis, including prevention, precautions n curative steps to be taken.

Dr. Lovekesh Anand and Dr. Sufla Saxena, Gastroenterologists, spoke at length on the subject and replied to queries of every participant. The venue was jam packed till the last seat and all the participants were very enthusiastic to learn about Hepatitis.

The Hospital offered special offer on investigation and free vaccination for Hepatitis and number of participants availed the services.

The CEO of Manipal Hospital took time to attend & oversee the Talk Show while appreciating the initiative of our Foundation.

Vijay Wadhwa, President Of Tourism Plus Foundation, thanked the Doctors and the CEO for their support and sharing valuable knowledge with the participants. The program concluded with sumptuous lunch offered to all. #tourismplusfoundation #health #healthtalk #worldhepatitisday #manipalhospitaldwarka #manipalhospitals

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