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"Extend a hand to make the world a better place" 


This is not a phrase but a reminder to all, including us, to do whatever good one can do. This led us to work towards Environment Protection, Enriched Livelihood and social upliftment. Hence, we started projects for Sustainability; Enriching livelihood of artists and artisans; FOOD FIRST - Fighting Hunger; Women Empowerment.....

The page provides information on our efforts in these areas.

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Self-Defence Training Workshop

Women Empowerment begins with their Safety Women play greater role in Sustainability and are torch bearers in ethical and fair practices in the society. To enhance their role in economic, social and cultural development, they must enjoy equal rights and feel safe in every environment. Tourism Plus Foundation has added another chapter of Women Empowerment (being a part of goal for Sustainability) by initiating Self-Defense training workshops for women. The first session of Self-Defense training started at Delhi International School Edge in Dwarka, New Delhi, in collaboration with Delhi Police, where approx. 30 girl students were trained in 10-days workshop that started from 22 Nov. 2017.

Health Talk at Venkateshwar Hospital

For the benefit of local residents, Tourism Plus Foundation organised Health Talk Show on 03 November 2017 at Venkateshwar Hospital, touching the subject of Osteoporosis; Osteoarthritis (orthopaedic); Lifestyle Modification and Bone Health. The interactive sessions conducted by Dr. N V Singh (Orthopaedic Consultant) and Ms. Sandhya Rani (Dietician) were very explicit and cleared doubts and myths of audience present in the program. The house was packed till the last seat available and the sessions went beyond scheduled timing reflecting the interest and enthusiasm of the audience. Mr. Vijay Wadhwa, President of the Foundation, thanked the doctors fo sharing their knowledge for a better health

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