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"Extend a hand to make the world a better place" 


This is not a phrase but a reminder to all, including us, to do whatever good one can do. This led us to work towards Environment Protection, Enriched Livelihood and social upliftment. Hence, we started projects for Sustainability; Enriching livelihood of artists and artisans; FOOD FIRST - Fighting Hunger; Women Empowerment.....

The page provides information on our efforts in these areas.

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Workshop on Environmental Sustainability at Delhi International School & The Suryaa, New Delhi

We were invited by Delhi International School Edge, Dwarka, New Delhi, as Guest Speaker to cover the subject of Environmental Sustainability. The program was well attended by students and teachers and the interactive session saw numerous questions from the students as to how they could contribute to maintain the environment around us. Likewise, Workshop on Sustainability was conducted for the managers of The Suryaa Hotel, New Delhi, in the second week of January 2018 touching the areas of Alternate Energy, water conservation, Carbon footprints, Waste management and involvement of employees in achieving the sustainable targets.

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